Dealing  With   Media 

We realize that wherever you are, there will be a media presence.
We also fully realize that media presence can be just as challenging to monitor, if not more so than crowd control.
Our personnel are fully trained to cope with the media presence in both crowds and traffic situations while maintaining celebrity security.

Our staff are capable of running any other duties whilst on task such as transportation, family and media liaison to allow the celebrity to focus on what they do best!


Xtreme Security Celebrity Protection & Entertainment Security Management Service were formed to provide Clients of High Net Worth & Celebrities Working Within the Entertainment Industry a professional, discreet and effective security service.
Xtreme Security has up-dated the traditional face of celebrity and entertainment protection by generating a secure method of
protecting clients that is flexible, discreet and effective.

Unfortunately celebrities around the globe also face an ever increasing burden of intrusion and disturbance from the paparazzi,
the media in general, potential kidnappers, stalkers, robbers and threats that normally come from some form of envy.
With terrorists, separatists, fundamentalists, and criminals trying to capitalize on the advancement of growing “third world” nations as
they struggle to achieve economic development through investment, VIPs and celebrity protection operations have now become a necessity.

Close Protection Officers

We can provide highly trained security professionals who will ensure your safety both at functions and during your normal day-to-day life, providing a quality door-to-door service.
They will observe your surroundings and remain discrete until they are required.
This unique method of implementing celebrity protection and security allows us to provide a
thorough and robust service that can be catered to the individual needs of our clients.


In addition, Xtreme Security can deploy individual security personnel and security teams discretely and efficiently to any environment, providing low key security or protective surveillance covering both;
domestic and public locations.


Xtreme Security GmbH|

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The company maintains its head office in Munich and is registered at the District Court Munich under the Commercial Register number HRB 241200

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