Private Parties

When prospective clients decide to host a private party, some of the key concerns should be a detailed guest list, guest safety, property protection and liabilities.
Our supervisors will meet with you and conduct a perimeter inspection.
This assessment will be crucial to ensure that your party or special event will have
adequate protection and safety to all in attendance.

Xtreme Security is able to control and secure the biggest events and performances from red carpet events to international press junkets.

Our event security service includes door supervising (access control) and control of vehicle access points to the event, crowd management, guest flow and prevention of all the possible conflicts and danger.

Our security professionals are not “Bouncers“
They are trained Close Protection, Health and Safety Officers with Firefighter & First Aid qualifications, so
if any type of accident accord our Door Supervisors can manage and deal with it.

Event Security
Door Supervisors

Every incident is the result of a series of events.
Incidents of violence are extremely unpleasant for customers.
The vast majority of customers come out to enjoy a good time.

Some customers, however, have unreasonable expectations of the service. For example they may expect to get straight into a venue without queuing. When they find they have to queue, they become frustrated. The situation will get worse if their expectations are not managed properly.
Conflict management is about managing this and many other „every day‟ situations.

Conflict management is a problem-solving approach to dealing with difficult situations. Our Door Supervisors can recognize the signs of potential risk and conflict before they become a real threat, so that they are able to respond in a way which will prevent the situation to escalate. They are proactive by preparing themselves to deal with any conflict situations that may happen at your venue.  A Door Supervisor who can do all his, greatly reduces the risks in the job. Reducing the risks benefits both the Door Supervisor and the venue, and ensures that the customers can enjoy a safe night out.

Good communication skills are essential in defusing conflict and aggression. However, Door Supervisor can be more vulnerable when he under estimate or do not realize the threat presented by the situation.
As a Door Supervisor sometimes it is impossible to completely avoid conflict and aggression so it is vital for us that our Door Supervisors understand how to deal with it when it happens.
Our security professionals tend to respond quickly to high-risk situations where the threat is obvious.


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