Vukovic Hrvoje is a cyber security expert with several years of  experience in consular relations and diplomatic affairs. His professional life has been dedicated to the delivery of selfless service in the course of state-legal help both within Croatian and on the international arena. He is highly endowed for achievement of his primary objective of respecting each man's constitutional rights.

Hrvoje’s career in national security and diplomatic affairs started in 2004 when he was employed at the analytics and information services department of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. He worked as a Junior Diplomat with the main responsibility of delivering open source intelligence, engaging in media analysis, monitoring of foreign and domestic news and electronic media, as well as providing reports on different topics relating to international relations and politics.


Due to his personal commitment and interpersonal relationship, in April 2010, Hrvoje was transferred to the public relations department of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. He worked at the Public Relations Department as a Junior Diplomat with the primary responsibility of organizing and coordinating all issues relating to public relations, public diplomacy, communications and web management.


In October 2012, Hrvoje was transferred to the analytics and information service department of the Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. He worked as a Junior Diplomat with the primary responsibility of organizing and coordinating in-house and international training programs, international diplomatic conferences and seminars as well as projects for Croatian and foreign diplomats in the fields of diplomacy, foreign politics and international relations both at home and abroad.


Due to his outstanding services delivery and dedication to duties, in September 2013, Hrvoje was elevated to the position of the Consul Gerant at the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia to Kotor, in Montenegro. He became the Head of Mission at interim with the responsibility of overseeing the functioning of Croatian mission to Kotor, as well as MNE, consular affairs, diplomatic affairs, economic diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.

Hrvoje has a Master in Advanced Studies (MAS) majoring in National Security with special interest in Cybersecurity defense systems. He also attended several trainings and seminars anchoring on national security and international affairs such as the 13th one-year specialized diplomatic course for junior diplomats held in July 2011. Other trainings attended by Hrvoje include EU and NATO in Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region conference on Foreign security and Energy policies held in March 2012 and Advanced Research Workshop on “Cyber Defense Strategies and Policies: Addressing a Constantly Changing Threat” held in September 2012.


Due to his high level of interest and proficiency in Cyber security, he attended training and presented a lecture on Cyber terrorism at an International conference on “Euro Atlantic relations in 21st century held at the Croatian Atlantic Council in September 2011.


Based on his immense experience, talents and professional capabilities, Hrvoje is endowed with all the necessary requirements and qualifications to contribute to the operations of our security organization.  As a specialized cyber security expert, he has what it takes to organize and coordinate the security apparatus of our company towards achievement of the organization’s goals. He is an indispensable member of our team and the driving force of this company.



Tomisav is a seasoned and well trained security expert with many years of professional experience in protection of High Profile Individuals.
He has all the requisite skills and professional trainings required to ensure the safety of persons placed under his care.


He is a Security Operative, who had the honor of serving in the OFFICE OF PRESIDENT within the Croatian Ministry of Defense for 6 years (honorable discharged), and who gained excellent experience within private security industry, in the theatres of Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq and all around Africa, performing different tasks in many missions, in many different roles during last years.

Tomislav currently works as a Chief Operating Officer of the company, with the main responsibility of organizing, coordinating and supervising the day to day security operations.




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