Many famous destinations welcomes more and more celebrity's and high-profile individuals each year.
Unfortunately the statistics show that the number of foreign criminals and villa intrusions are also on the rise.
We guarantee your safety and peace of mind so that you can enjoy your stay without worry.

We offer professional security personnel that can patrol around the grounds of your real estate,
private property, yacht or villa, to provide a security solution tailored to your needs.

Our security services can be deployed as a team or as a single security guard to provide security.

Xtreme Security will keep watch over who enters and exits your home through the day, as well as who has access to your home.
The mission of our Residential Security Team is to provide effective advice and security to the principalswith the aim that neither person or property becoming unpleasantly surprised and thereby harmed under our watch.

Whether you live in a small residence, apartment, multifamily dwelling, or a vila, we consult with you on a wide variety of Xtreme Security solutions and can help protect you and your loved ones with advanced home and personal security solutions backed by our 24/7 monitoring service and support. With our partner, technical support, we can be ready to monitored your property in 24 hours.

Patrolling and carrying out protection of illegal activity, including theft, trespassing and vandalism and  similar illegal acts that threaten the physical integrity and violate the dignity of the person and diminish the value of property, is our subject to protection.

Residential Security
Hotel Security 

In practice we are required to provide venue security at hotels above all other locations. The security of VIP during a hotel stay presents the escort with a challenge, as we are operating in an environment which is not familiar and where we need to rely on other agencies for different aspects of security.
A thorough reconnaissance of the venue, good liaison with all agencies involved and diligence mixed with flexibility, we will ensure that you have a safe stay.

Yacht Asset Security

During port or marina visits our maritime security officers will protect your yacht from theft or vandalism.

Our officers are trained Ship Security Officers and Port Facilities Security Officers with an developed understanding of the International Ship and Port Facilities code (ISPS).

We will highlight any security procedures and measures that should be taken by the ship and crew prior to the
arrival of owners and guests, conduct any necessary training and ensure that security protocols and responses are understood by all.

If you want to visit beautiful, secret and inaccessible beaches outside of our cities and populated areas, and
you want to enjoy all of the benefits of  beautiful nature
far away from other tourists and paparazzi,
our Powerboat Certified Officers are capable to take you away to a private beaches, while your yacht is anchored near and safe in our hands!


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The company maintains its head office in Munich and is registered at the District Court Munich under the Commercial Register number HRB 241200

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